Don’t blame your broker for your own failures.

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Wall Sterit remembers many scandals related to finance and accounting. After all, traders are not always lucky, there are tangible losses.

Let’s assume that you have lost a large amount in the auction. Of course, the next step is to find the culprit. Therefore, most often in such situations they sue their broker.

Some people manage to get back some part of the lost funds in this way. But it should be borne in mind that the broker cannot be the only culprit in the incident. After all, you made the decisions yourself! Therefore, to find the culprit, one should simply look in the mirror.

A broker should also be selected carefully and thoughtfully. Agree, it’s stupid to give money to a stranger and expect him to enrich you. You must be clear about who and why you trust your finances. Do not be too lazy to make inquiries before entering into an agreement.

Investor status gives you specific rights and responsibilities. If you buy shares, for example, you also acquire the right to a reward.

As for responsibilities, the main one is to collect as much information as possible about the organization with which you are going to work. You should do your best to protect your money. After all, no one will worry about them more than you yourself. Even if you have hired a dedicated consultant, this does not give you the right to relax and let things go.

Investor’s main rules:

  1. Each paper received should be carefully examined;
  2. Every message must be read and understood;
  3. you need to carefully research the area of ​​investment where you are going to invest your money;
  4. Leave yourself copies of the documents that you sign and in no case put your signature if you do not fully understand the content of the document.

Even if you are confident in your financial advisor, in his professional and human qualities, this does not guarantee you constant profit and protection from losses. After all, no one can make the right decisions all the time. For various reasons, people tend to be wrong. Therefore, you should always take any decision seriously. But if you have no doubts that you have become a victim of scammers, of course, you should go to the arbitration court.

The process may not meet your expectations and will not reimburse the losses incurred. It is best not to lead to this and foresee the risks in advance.

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