Forex is more than an exchange

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Forex is a market for interbank currency exchange, the price of which is not fixed and is determined by all participants in the transaction.

Quite often phrases are used in the currency market, Forex market or currency trading. 
In the Forex market, brokerage services are provided by various forex broker firms. It is forex brokers who become intermediaries when concluding transactions of various kinds, since they have all the necessary tools for Internet trading.

The main task of forex brokers is to accept and execute orders for the purchase of a particular currency in the interbank foreign exchange market. Forex brokers offer leverage against your deposit. Specialized software for Internet trading gives Forex brokers the ability to trade over the Internet. These tools enable forex brokers to trade the Forex market from anywhere in the world, from their workplace or from home.

Forex signals are those signals on the basis of which a Forex trader makes a decision on a trade. Forex signals can be different in strength, and it is obvious that the more profitable will be the one indicated by several strong forex signals. Forex signals can be “extracted” from fundamental data, intersections of support and resistance lines, and a variety of technical indicators. For professional forex traders, Forex signals are born thanks to trading intuition, but even he cannot but take into account objective data on the current situation in the market. Experienced brokers avoid many of the pitfalls and pitfalls that Forex transactions involve. Brokers charge a commission for making foreign exchange transactions in the forex market.

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