Forex trading on vacation

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Vacation season is in full swing, so it’s time to pack your bags and hit the road. Some prefer active recreation – visiting museums in Paris, shopping in Milan, walking along the winding streets of Rome, others dream of soaking up the hot sand on one of the islands in the Indian Ocean, others choose an extreme vacation – a safari in Africa, climbing Kilimanjaro, surfing in Sri -Lanka and much more. Traders, like all people, also want to rest, and if you are a successful trader , then all doors are open in front of you, choose any point on the map and go on a journey. But how to trade on vacation and combine business with pleasure, because you really don’t want to stop trading on Forexwhen money flows like a river into your account. Trading on vacation is tricky as there are many factors to consider. This is the presence / absence of the Internet, and remoteness from civilization, and the peculiarities of the country in which you go to rest. Our today’s article will be devoted to what to take a trader with you on vacation, what gadgets will be useful on the road, and how to foresee Internet access in advance. See also our independent rating of Forex brokers , which will help you choose a broker for your trading style.

Which is better – a smartphone, tablet or laptop?

Despite the active development of mobile trading, a smartphone will not be able to completely replace your laptop. Using mobile devices, you can only monitor open positions and, if necessary, close them. If you often need to open / close transactions or perform other actions, it will be extremely difficult and inconvenient to do this on smartphones. Therefore, it is better to take a laptop on the road. But which laptop for vacation will be the best solution is another, but no less important question. Carrying a bulky laptop with you when you have full of suitcases and travel bags is not the best option. Better to take a netbook or ultrabook with you. First, they are lightweight and do not take up much space. Secondly, they are practically not inferior in performance to modern laptops. Thirdly, the battery lasts an average of 6 hours of operation. Finally, their price is significantly lower. There is also another budget option – to buy a hybrid tablet on the road with a clip-on keyboard. Of course, in terms of power, it is inferior to netbooks and ultrabooks, but it is much lighter and cheaper than its competitors. See also what existbrokers with a browser platform .

Other devices to make your vacation shopping easier

Before leaving, do not forget to check which power outlets are used in your hotel, you may need to purchase an additional laptop adapter. Install and configure trading platforms on your laptop / tablet / smartphone in advance. It also makes sense to install the MT4 trading terminal on a USB flash drive in order to use it in an Internet cafe. It will not be superfluous to purchase an external battery to recharge your tablet or smartphone. If necessary (advisors work on your terminal), connect a VPS server, and on your smartphone, install the Remote Desktop application to manage the VPS server. The Speedtest app helps you check the quality of your mobile internet. And do not forget to take a computer mouse with you on the road, it does not take up much space and is much more convenient than a standard touchpad.

Everything about the Internet on vacation

The first thing to take care of is to find out about the availability of the Internet in the hotel. As a rule, Wi-Fi in the hotel is provided by default, but not everyone knows that it is not always included in the room price and often costs $ 20-30 per day, but even if it is free, it may not be available everywhere. There are the following options:

  • Lobby access. This is, as a rule, a weak signal, which is enough only for checking mail, reading news and communicating on social networks;
  • Access in the room. This is the most optimal option, allowing you to actively trade on Forex, but be prepared for disconnections;
  • Access within the hotel. This is the most comfortable option. You can surf the Internet in your room, at the bar, by the pool or on the beach.

Alternatively, you can enter into transactions at Internet cafes or restaurants that have free Wi-Fi. Recently, it has become popular to provide Wi-Fi on board, but be careful, it usually comes with a fee. So in Aeroflot the cost of 10 Mb is $ 10. If you prefer active rest, then you should take care of the mobile Internet connection. You should not choose tariff plans among Russian mobile operators, all their offers will turn out to be too expensive. It is better to buy a local SIM card, do not forget to just tell the seller that you need it mainly for the Internet, and he will select the most favorable tariff for you. There are even special travel SIM cards that are valid for a certain number of days. Also, there is no need to purchase additional 4G modems, all smartphones are already equipped with built-in modems.


Now you know what you need to take a trader on vacation. But it’s best not to trade on vacation, as a bad trade or unexpected disconnection can easily ruin the mood. If you cannot live without Forex, then trade advisors or use long-term strategies with a minimum of analysis and the number of entries. It is better to enjoy a good rest so that, having gained new strength, you can return home and take a fresh look at your trade, making it even more profitable. Have a nice holiday!

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