Super Channel Forex Strategy – Universal Trading

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Super Channel Forex Strategy - Universal Trading

Hello, friends! The Super Channel strategy thoroughly analyzes both overbought / oversold conditions and trend conditions in the market with in-depth analysis to generate trading signals. It uses a simple chart showcase process that helps traders get signals quite easily. The Super Channel Forex strategy supports all kinds of trading styles including scalping , intraday and day trading . Moreover, it allows you to trade all kinds of Forex currency pairs presented on your MT4 trading platform.

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Super Channel Strategy Features

Trading platform – MetaTrader 4
Strategy type – indicator
Trading time – around the clock
Timeframe – any
Currency pairs – any
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Super Channel strategy description

The following indicators are used in the Super Channel Forex strategy:

  • MA15 Super Signals. This is the only indicator that signals a trend change in this system. It is displayed as arrows around price bars to indicate the direction of the trend. The best part of this indicator is that it does not generate frequent signals, therefore it provides better accuracy when detecting trends.
  • Stochastic. This strategy uses a cross-signaling system in the formOscillator Stochasticto confirm the overbought / oversold condition of the market. When the green indicator line moves above the red one, it is considered a bullish crossover, and vice versa. If the stochastic value is around 80, it means that the market is overbought, and if it is below 20, then the market is oversold.
  • RSI. The Relative Strength Index is one of the most popular indicators for transactions in the financial markets. When the RSI is below 30, it means the market is oversold. On the other hand, when the RSI is above 70, it is considered an overbought condition in the market.

You can download the Super Channel strategy for free at the end of our review. After installing the indicators in MT4, your chart will look like this:

Conditions for shopping according to the Super Channel strategy

  1. MA15 Super Signals indicator draws an up arrow;
  2. Stochastic gives a bullish crossover signal near level 20;
  3. RSI value drops to 30;
  4. If all signals match, open a buy trade by setting stop loss below the nearest minimum;
  5. Exit the trade when the RSI and Stochastic indicators are simultaneously signaling that the market is overbought.

Conditions for sales according to the Super Channel strategy

  1. MA15 Super Signals indicator draws an arrow down;
  2. The Stochastic issues a bearish crossover signal near the 80 level;
  3. The RSI value rises to 70;
  4. If all signals coincide, open a sell deal by setting a stop loss above the nearest maximum;
  5. Exit a trade when the RSI and Stochastic indicators are simultaneously signaling that the market is oversold.

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The Super Channel Forex Strategy is a versatile trending strategy that provides accurate trading signals in the direction of the trend, combined with the RSI and Stochastic indicators, to determine the overbought / oversold conditions of the market. The Super Channel strategy is suitable for all traders regardless of their experience. It can be applied to any timeframe and currency pair .

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