A common problem for traders

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All traders, wherever they work, whatever strategies they use, and whatever experience they have, are united by one common problem – the anxiety that overcomes them in the process of trading.

Moreover, anxiety is characteristic of absolutely all people, because we are not robots. People in any profession, whether they are professional athletes, doctors, military personnel or office workers, are bound to experience this feeling in the course of their work.

It happens that the skills of doing business are worked out to the point of automatism, the performer controls only the final result, and his consciousness follows the whole process, but in this case, alas, he may fail.

Here’s a simple example: an experienced ball player or golfer is steadily moving towards the intended goal, the first is to throw the ball into the basket, the second is to roll it into the hole. Why are they doing this? Because they have brought to automatism that the result should be hitting the target. In Internet trading, the situation is somewhat different. It is unlikely that a trader will make many rash decisions in pursuit of profit, first of all, he will assess all the risks, opportunities to make a profit or incur a loss, and only then take an action.

What generates anxiety? Where are its causes? In fact, everything is very individual. Sometimes anxiety arises because of the changed situation in the Forex market, and maybe because of what is happening in the family or at the main job. Any little thing can cause anxiety and worries, affect the trader and his work in the financial market.

Most often, anxiety undermines strength, negatively affects the performance of tasks, which, in turn, affects the ability to correctly assess the opportunities for obtaining benefits and the risks that can lead to losses.

There is also so-called anxiety due to anxiety, when a trader feels that he is anxious, and then begins to feel anxiety about his anxiety. Then the trader has a sense of threat and insecurity. And it turns out that anxiety, like a snowball, is growing, turning into a reason that a Forex market participant cannot adequately respond to current situations and make the right decisions. In these cases, it is recommended to distract from trading, take a break and turn your attention to pleasant calming things.

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