Forex Quantum Analysis

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Quantum analysis Forex is a relatively rare tool of technical analysis and has a lot to do with quantum physics. 

It is no secret that until the beginning of the 21st century, technical analysis of the market was known more as an art, and was not considered a science. The situation changed after the publication of a series of works by A. Duka, who made quantum analysis an exact science that studies the behavior of forex pairs over a certain period of time.

Forex Quantum Analysis is a system based on the laws of nature and physics. The method of working in forex in quantum mechanics is based on scientifically proven practice of channel trading. That is why the use of forex quantum analysis makes it possible to define goals much more clearly.

Quantum Forex analysis studies time series of any origin, and since the quotes of Forex pairs are presented in the form of charts, they are, in essence, time series. The main idea of ​​the quantum analysis of forex is that from the space-time of forex quotes (coordinates: quote / time) go to the so-called Dook’s space (coordinates: quantum quote / quantum time), where formulas and laws of quantum mechanics are used, developed in detail in quantum physics.

Quantum Forex analysis develops a fresh style of thinking for a trader at a new level of abstraction, making it possible to look at reversal patterns as special cases of the transition of quotes from one quantum channel to another.

Quantum Forex analysis is carried out using quantum charts, which differ significantly from the generally accepted ones. Among the advantages of quantum charts, the following can be distinguished: the effect of quantum speeds, which significantly narrows the permissible areas in which the quoted price of a currency pair can be located, in a more accurate construction of channels for reaching quotes, while the channels are built by calculating their parameters even before quotes have begun to form channels, which, you see, is very important.

In Forex quantum analysis, the channel width and slope are plotted for any period of time, using the formulas of quantum mechanics. In addition, the same formulas are used to calculate the limitation on the duration and size of the current trend, this allows you to almost immediately identify price and time targets for trading positions.

Figure, click to enlarge:

The picture above shows an example of Forex quantum analysis for the most famous EUR / USD pair. As you can see from the graph, one quantum was not enough for the pair to close the key support. As a result, the euro skyrocketed. The initial resistance that the EUR / USD pair is aiming for is at 1.2625. Passing above this level will open the way to the area of ​​the level 1.2682. At the same time, the passage of this resistance level also opens the way to the maximum value, which is at the level of 1.2830. Alternatively, we can consider a scenario with a hike to the key support at 1.2425, in which case the target at 1.2260 can be considered achieved.

Some forex traders do not consider Forex Quantum Analysis to be an effective method of FOREX analysis. But A. Duka was able to prove mathematically and physically that the quotes of Forex pairs move clearly along the channels, periodically replacing them. Forex quantum analysis is a system based on the laws of physics, which is why it gives clear forecasts of the future price movement in the market.

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