The advantage of fear on the road to success

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The advantage of fear on the road to success

The more you believe in your success in the Forex market, the more possible it is! And fear is the main cause of failure and loss. It arises from lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities.

One of the main causes of fear in a trader is lying. But few realize that lies are the root of all their troubles. The more skillfully you cheat, the worse the situation can be. Moreover, you are lying to yourself!

And we begin to deceive ourselves when we cannot do something, or, conversely, when we believe that we can handle everything. It is at these moments that lying creates fear, because only you yourself understand what you are capable of and turn everything into a risky game. You know that you cannot trust liars, and since you yourself are that liar, it turns out that you stop trusting yourself.

As a result, fear envelops you, you lose the ability to make the right decisions, you find yourself captive to your emotions, which affect the perception of the market situation and the analysis of the information received.

How can you take risks if you don’t believe in yourself? After all, Forex is always accompanied by risks of a greater or lesser degree, and therefore the feeling of fear is the same integral component as many other market instruments. But there is a rational fear, and there is an irrational one. So the feeling that you experience when entering the market is a natural rational fear. It leads to the release of adrenaline into the blood and your deliberate and measured actions, which will soon neutralize it completely.

For those traders who often experience irrational fear, the abbreviation OOPR is applicable, which means “Erroneous Expectations Manifest in Reality.” They are afraid of losing their money in reality, so they simply do not take any action.

Being aware of your fears and their nature will allow you to achieve success in Forex trading. After all, the flip side of this feeling is self-confidence and confidence.

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