Trading gold on the NASDAQ

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Precious metals, especially gold, are attracting a huge number of investors.

However, traditional investments in gold in the form of bullion, coins and impersonal metal accounts are not always convenient for private investors. That is why IKON Global Markets, Inc. (“IKON”) has partnered with the NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange to develop new gold futures contracts.

IKON Gold Futures is a unique trading instrument that simulates the OTC gold market. Its main advantages:

  1. Extremely low margin requirements as one contract is only 10 ounces
  2. Trading is carried out on the NASDAQ exchange, which guarantees the maximum level of protection of your funds and transparency of trading
  3. The ability to trade 24 hours a day
  4. Tight spreads
  5. High liquidity

IKON is currently the exclusive NASDAQ partner providing access to gold futures trading.  

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